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The British Club’s Gym went through a major renovation in November 2015. Aircons, fixtures, lightings and most importantly, all the Stack Weight Machines, Free Weights and Cardio Machines have been changed to the latest series. With all the changes, we also added a few more machines to enhance the training capabilities of the gym.

We are now equipped with a Smith Machine, Jungle 5, Power Rack, Half Rack and Dumbbells ranging from 1kg to 50kg. 14 stack weight stations that you can use to train almost every part of your body. Try out the brand new SKILLMILL, one of the latest curved treadmills, and 13 of the Cardiovascular Machines which consist of 5 Treadmills, 4 Bikes (2 Recline Bikes), 2 Elliptical Machines, 1 Vario Cross Trainer and a Concept 2 Rower with PM5. Apart from the Concept 2 Rower, all the other cardio machines have a touch screen and runs on the latest Android version that offers you the same gesture-based interaction that you would enjoy with a tablet. You may now enjoy watching TV, surfing the web, YouTube etc. This way, users can have access to a constantly evolving world of applications. You can also use your iPhone or iPod to listen to your favourite music or connect your USB device while you work out.

New addtions to the gym include an Aviron Interactive Rower, an ergonomic modern design with a unique software to keep you motivated, and a FreeMotion Coach Bike, an immersive cycling experience spin bike with auto-adjusting technology which matches the incline/ decline of the on-screen terrain. 

Your work out, Your way.

The white Stack Weight Machines with red seats and white finishes, the red vinyl walls and the blue towels, are aligned with the 3 colors of the United Kingdom Flag that gives you the unmistakable feeling of home in the UK. Check out our new state-of-the-art gym equipment that are designed for the comfort and enjoyment of people of all ages, levels and abilities! If that is not enough, we have fitness professionals in the Club that can get you started on the right track in achieving your fitness goals.

For more information, please feel free to call Sports at 6410 1151 or email [email protected].

Opening Hours

8am to 10pm

Gym Notice

Please be advised to keep your workout within an hour when the Gym is at a maximum capacity so that more members can enjoy the facility in a safe environment.

Gym Operating Hours: 6am – 10pm (Unmanned Hours 6am – 8am)

Please fill out your details in iPad at the Gym Counter before and after using the Gym.

Thank you for your kind cooperation & consideration. Stay safe & stay healthy!

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